Carbon Packing

Carbon Graphite Packing


  • Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
  • Features: Car-Graf is a unique combination of amorphous carbon yarns treated throughout with fine particles of graphite.
  • Treatment: Treated throughout with graphite.
  • Equipment: General service on rotary and reciprocating shafts, high temperature valves as end rings.
  • Recommended For: All chemical services in which carbon is suitable.
  • Limitations: Shaft speeds to 4000 FPM; temperatures to 650°F/345°C in oxidizing atmospheres; 1200°F/650°C in steam; pH range 0 – 14 except in strong oxidizers.

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Carbon PTFE Packing

  • Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
  • Features: Carbon PTFE Packing is a carbon filament packing treated with PTFE to help prevent color contamination and carbon migration.
  • Treatment: Each strand of the carbon yarn is treated and impregnated with a PTFE suspensoid, totally encapsulating the packing to prevent carbon filaments migrating into the pumpage.
  • Equipment: Pulp mill equipment, steaming vessels, top separators, refiners, outlet devices, blow pumps, stock pumps, agitators and valves.
  • Recommended For: Most chemical services, except strong oxidizers.
  • Limitations: Shaft speeds to 3000 FPM; temperatures to 600°F/345°C; pH range 0 – 14.

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Mechanical Packing

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. offers a number of different services for your mechanical seals including: