Flexible Graphite Packing

  • Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
  • Features: Flexible graphite packing is a pure homogenous graphite bonded to a fiberglass carrier for strength and thermal stability. It has been tested by third party independent test laboratories and shown to be rugged enough to pass the most stringent test recognized by the API and Valve Manufactures (API 607, 4th edition fire test passed. Fugitive Emission test less than 100 ppm.) Also available with an active zinc corrosion inhibitor coating and a passive corrosion inhibitor coating.
  • Limitations: 1200°F/649°C in steam and 850°F/454°C in oxidizing atmosphere. Pressures up to 4500p.s.i. Has a pH range of 0-14 and shaft speeds up to 4000 fpm.

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Mechanical Packing

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