Component Seals: Pac Seal Types 8, 9, 21, & 31

Severe Duty Seal: Type 21/31

The Pac Seal Type 21 features a unique design – the crimped head and hex-torque drive system – to provide superior performance and make it the non-generic choice. Type 31 is the Pac Seal designation for a type 21 with hard face combinations for severe duty applications, featuring the same benefits as the Type 21.

Both the Type 21 & 31 are available in double seal configurations and balanced versions. Contact us now to learn more about Severe Duty Seal Type 21 & 31.

Multi-Spring Pusher: Type 8/9

The Pac Seal Type 8 & 9 provide high-quality, positively driven, multi-spring pusher style seals for industrial and severe chemical applications. The rotary unit is set screwed to the shaft, for positive drive. The rotaries feature seal rings, which are replaceable. Seats are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Both the Type 8 & 9 are available in narrow cross section (8T & 9T), double seal configurations, and balanced versions. Contact us now to learn more about Multi-Spring Pusher Type 8 & 9.

Mechanical Seals

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. offers a number of different services for your mechanical seals including: