Bio-Tech Seals

VRA Single Outside Cartridge Seal

These outside balanced seals are designed to operate under relatively high pressures and low speeds. Single, outside, dry-running pusher seal designed specifically for use in top-entry agitator/mixer services. This seal’s heavy-duty construction accommodates a combined out-of-concentricity and eccentricity of 0.150″ TIR (3.8mm). The contacting dry-running design eliminates need for buffer fluid system. Milled slots and mating pins in the drive collar evenly distribute torque to the faces to eliminate stress areas.
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Liquid lubricated dual cartridge canister seal for mixers and agitators MW-200 liquid lubricated design. Cooling coil options available. Maximum operating vessel temperature 500°F (260°C). Utilizes carbon vs. silicon carbide face materials. Tolerates up to .125” of shaft run out. Electropolish available.
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ML-200 uses today’s most advanced non-contacting gas barrier technology. A true zero emissions seal; there’s no product contamination. Ideal for today’s most demanding bio-tech and chemical processing applications. Operates with a simple gas barrier auxiliary system and is easy to install and maintain. Exclusive face pattern provides both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic lifts. Seal faces lift off and separate under static pressure regardless of peripheral speed. Face groove pattern optimizes lift capabilities, ensures maximum gas film stiffness. Completely eliminates seal face contact and wear. Utilizes carbon vs. silicon carbide face materials.
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Conditioned Gas Dual Cartridge Canister Seal for Mixers and Agitators. MD-200 contacting gas barrier dry-running design. Dry-running for minimized product contamination from barrier fluid. Requires no cooling. Features self-lubricating faces. Utilizes carbon vs. peramic face materials.
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Mechanical Seals

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. offers a number of different services for your mechanical seals including: