Mechanical Packing

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. has the largest and most diverse inventory of mechanical packing in Northern New England located in our distribution center in Scarborough, Maine. We carry a wide variety of packing sizes ranging from ¼” to 1 ¼”, as well as a number of different roll weights and lengths; along with offering a full line of bulk packing. Tri-State Packing Supply can also provide our customers pre-cut rings of packing, saving them time and money.

  • Carbon Packing

    Carbon Graphite Packing Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features: Car-Graf is a unique combination of amorphous carbon yarns treated throughout with fine particles of graphite. Treatment: Treated throughout with graphite. Equipment: General service on rotary and reciprocating shafts, high temperature valves as end rings. Recommended For: All chemical services in which carbon is suitable. Limitations: Shaft speeds […]

  • Flax Packing

    Vegetable Fiber (FLAX) Construction: Square Braid Features: Vegetable fibers. Treatment: Lubricated with a pure edible tallow and wax compound, ungraphited. Equipment: Reciprocating and rotary shafts, plungers, hydraulic rams and stern tubes. Recommended For: Brine, cold water and cold oil. High shaft speeds. High pressure rams and accumulators. Limitations: Shafts speeds to 1885 FPM; temperatures to […]

  • Flexible Graphite Packing

    Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features: Flexible graphite packing is a pure homogenous graphite bonded to a fiberglass carrier for strength and thermal stability. It has been tested by third party independent test laboratories and shown to be rugged enough to pass the most stringent test recognized by the API and Valve Manufactures (API 607, 4th edition […]

  • Graphite Packing

    ML 4444 Graphite Packing Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features: The highest quality chemically resistant graphite yarns are twisted together and braided in a Multi-Lok fashion. This packing has an extremely low coefficient of friction and the light weight yarn provides more feet of length per pound than standard non-asbestos or PTFE packings. Graphite is a heat […]

  • PTFE/Graphite Packing (GFO)

    PTFE Graphite Packing (GFO) Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features: Finely ground particles of the highest quality graphite in a PTFE matrix to control graphite migration. Equipment: All reciprocation and rotating shafts. Recommended For: All corrosive applications suitable for PTFE and graphite. Limitations: Shaft Speeds to 4400 FPM; temperatures to 550°F/287°C; pH range 0 – 14.

  • PTFE Packing

    Pre-lubed Yarn Packing Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features: Unlike other PTFE fluorocarbon filament packing, SEPCO pre-lubricates the yarns to provide a softer, more flexible packing, with improved peripheral speed characteristics and exothermic properties. Equipment: Any equipment where braided packing is commonly used. Recommended For: The most severe services. All oxidizers and corrosives with one exception: molten […]