From Compressed Non-Asbestos and Spiralwounds, to Expanded PTFE and Grafoil, Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. offers a wide variety of gaskets and materials for all your sealing needs.

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. can supply your company with either the gaskets or materials to get the job done. With a full service gasket design, cutting, and stripping shop we can provide you with all your plants most unique and hard to find gaskets, as well as your standard ring or full face gaskets out of any material and in any size.

  • Compressed Non-Asbestos

    Our premium compressed sheet gaskets include the following available options: Durlon® 8300: This is a multi-service, high strength carbon and NBR gasket sheet. Specifically designed for use in applications that are commonly found in the chemical processing and power generation industries, Durlon® 8300 has very good chemical resistance, and is designed to handle both elevated temperatures and pressures. […]

  • Grafoil

    GH™W Laminate with excellent strength and handling characteristics. It has a high temperature glass fiber insert (0.0025 in/0.06 mm thick) thermally bonded to Standard Industrial Grade GTB sheet facing. Elevated temperature testing proves that GH™W outperforms asbestos gasket materials. Temperature -400 to 750 F. Contact us now to learn more about GH™W Grafoil. GH™E Laminate […]

  • INERTEX® Expanded PTFE

    INERTEX® UHF Joint Sealant The INERTEX® UHF Joint Sealant looks and feels different from other Joint Sealant products. It is smooth and flexible with an exceptionally uniform texture and density. Under the surface is a microscopic structure that makes this remarkable material the strongest, most versatile sealant available today; it is manufactured by a patented […]

  • Sheet Rubber

    EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer sheet provides outstanding resistance to weathering, ozone and UV exposure. It is highly recommended for applications where the elastomer will have excessive exposure to the environment. It provides excellent chemical resistance and dynamic properties Excellent resistance to UV rays and ozone. Good resistance to Anti-freeze, Synthetic Detergents, Acetone, Boric acid, […]

  • Spiralwound Metal

    Spiralwound gaskets have become extremely popular due to a wide variety of available styles and sizes. Spiralwound gaskets can be fabricated of any metal that is available in thin strip and can be welded; therefore they can be used against virtually any corrosive medium dependent upon the choice of the metal and filler. They can […]

  • PTFE

    All of the following Durlon® PTFE sheet products are available in full sheets or as cut gaskets: Durlon® 9000/9000N – Inorganic fillers homogeneously blended with pure PTFE resins. Durlon® 9000 and 9000N are designed for applications where resistance to highly aggressive chemicals is required. Available in unpigmented white as style 9000N. Both styles 9000 and 9000N, (including branding) conform to FDA requirements.  Contact us now to learn more […]

  • Economy Compressed Non-Asbestos

    Our economy compressed sheets include the following available options: Durlon®5000: This is a commercial grade gasket sheet made of high strength mineral fibers and NBR. It is designed for moderate service conditions and is suitable for a continuous operating temperature of 450°F (232°C). With the ability to handle pressures up to 1000 psi (69 bar) […]