Premium Compressed Non-Asbestos

Our premium compressed sheet gaskets include the following available options:

  • Durlon® 8300: This is a multi-service, high strength carbon and NBR gasket sheet. Specifically designed for use in applications that are commonly found in the chemical processing and power generation industries, Durlon® 8300 has very good chemical resistance, and is designed to handle both elevated temperatures and pressures. It can resist oils, water, alkalis, mild acids, and solvents. Additionally, Durlon® 8300 maintains excellent sealability during thermal cycling, even in the presence of steam, hot oil, aliphatic hydrocarbons, natural gas, gasoline, solvents, inert gases, mild alkalis, and acids.  Contact us now to learn more about the DURLON® 8300 Gasket.
  • Durlon® 8400: This material provides the widest range of chemical resistance of any compressed non-asbestos material available on the market today. It has been designed for use in the pulp and paper, chemical processing, and power generation industries for high pH applications. It can also be used with steam, mild caustics, and acids. This gasket is ideal for pump casings, valves, filters, and flange insulation kits, due to its excellent sealing in challenging chemical services and its superior dielectric breakdown and volume resistivity.   Contact us now to learn more about the DURLON® 8400 Gasket.
  • Durlon® 8500: This gasket is known as a general-purpose “workhorse” material. It is made of a unique blend of high strength aramid and inorganic fibers that make it an excellent gasket in applications where pressure and temperature cycling cause lesser quality gaskets to fail. Durlon® 8500 gaskets passed a modified API 607 fire test in an independent laboratory and provide superior sealing in cycling applications that involve hot oils and steam. They have also passed HVAC service fitness and compatibility tests for most next generation refrigerants and lubricants.  Contact us now to learn more about the DURLON® 8500 Gasket.
  • Durlon® 8600: This gasket material provides excellent sealability in applications involving steam, condensate, or dilute acids where a “white” gasket material or an SBR binder is required. It can also be used in environments containing water, inert gases, alcohols, alkalis, and many other liquids and gases.  Contact us now to learn more about the DURLON® 8600 Gasket.
  • Durlon® 8700: This is a premium neoprene (CR) gasket designed to provide excellent sealability in applications involving refrigerants, oils, and fuels. This gasket material excels in traditional style HVAC applications, such as refrigerant systems that contain ammonia. It can resist ozone, oils, and non-aromatic solvents.  Contact us now to learn more about the DURLON® 8700 Gasket.
  • Durlon® 8900This is a premium grade compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material specially developed to withstand extreme temperature and pressure applications with good chemical resistance. The Durlon® 8900 gasket material has passed a modified API 607 fire test in an independent laboratory. It is suitable for saturated and superheated steam, oil, dilute acids and alkalis, hydrocarbons, solvents and refrigerants. The Durlon® 8900 contains high strength fibers and graphite fillers bonded with high performance nitrile (NBR) synthetic rubber.  Contact us now to learn more about the DURLON® 8900 Gasket. 


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