Spiralwound Metal

Spiralwound gaskets have become extremely popular due to a wide variety of available styles and sizes. Spiralwound gaskets can be fabricated of any metal that is available in thin strip and can be welded; therefore they can be used against virtually any corrosive medium dependent upon the choice of the metal and filler.

They can be used over the complete temperature range from cryogenic to approximately 2000º degrees Fahrenheit. This type of gasket can be used in all pressures from vacuum to the standard 2500 psi flange ratings. We stock Standard sizes designed for ASME / ANSI B 16.5 & BS 1560 Flanges in 150# through 2500# pressure designs.

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

A “Heat Exchanger Gasket” is a term that has been giving to the gasket that is called out for use in an exchanger. The make up of the gasket or type varies due to the operating conditions of the exchanger. Some of the commonly used gaskets are metallic and soft compressible material. Metallic gaskets can come in different styles including: double jacket, single jacket, and solid metal.

Lamons jacketed gaskets are normally shipped with a non-asbestos high temperature filler. The standard filler is normally sufficient for applications up to 900º F. Other soft fillers are available for higher temperatures or special applications including Grafoil. Standard metals used to make jacketed gaskets, regardless of the type, are aluminum, copper, the various brasses, soft steel, nickel, Monel , Inconel and stainless steel types 304, 316, 321, 347, 410, 502.

Obviously the choice of the metal used for the jacketed part of the gasket would depend upon the corrosive conditions being encountered.
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Soft Iron/Copper Gaskets

Tri-State Packing stocks a large selection of soft iron and copper (solid, single and double jacketed) ring gaskets.
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