Graphite Packing

ML 4444 Graphite Packing

  • Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
  • Features: The highest quality chemically resistant graphite yarns are twisted together and braided in a Multi-Lok fashion. This packing has an extremely low coefficient of friction and the light weight yarn provides more feet of length per pound than standard non-asbestos or PTFE packings. Graphite is a heat conductor and dissipated heat in the stuffing box, permitting higher shaft speeds and less leakage than other packings.
  • Equipment: All rotating and reciprocating shafts, valves and agitators. Our best packing for top separators and outlet devices on continuous pulp digesters.
  • Recommended For: Strong caustics, acids, chemicals and high pressure steam.
  • Limitations: Temperatures to 1200°F/649°C in steam, 800°F/427°C in oxidizing atmospheres; pH range 0 – 14; not recommended for fuming nitric acid, oleum, and fluorine.

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ML 4500 Ultra-Graphite Packing

  • Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
  • Features: Manufactures from pure graphite yarns impregnated with a fine submicron powder of inorganic graphite. A surface lubricant is applied to prevent wicking and to provide a bearing film between the shaft and the packing material.
  • Equipment: Valves, high speed shafts, agitator shafts, reciprocating rods and plunger rods wherever minimum product leakage is required under severe service conditions.
  • Recommended For: Strong acids and strong caustics throughout the pH range. It is virtually inert.
  • Limitations: Not recommended for oleum, fuming nitric acid and flourine; temperatures to 6000°F/3316°C in non-oxidizing agents, 1200°F/649°C in steam, and 800°F/427°C in oxidizers. Can Be Nuclear Certified.

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Mechanical Packing

Tri-State Packing Supply, Inc. offers a number of different services for your mechanical seals including: